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In its short-sightedness, blogger has turned its back on those of us stuck with old operating systems and I'm forced to find a new blog host. You will now find MickMathersARTblog at - use the direct link found in the masthead and remember to update your bookmarks. This place will continue as another archive for a large body of my work. As many of you know, my primary medium and working method is digital collage composed of manipulated photographs often combined with digital drawing & generative images. Netlabels, bands and musicians can view samples of my CD Cover Art at Mick Mather Illustration located on Tumblr. In another life I was an Arts & Culture consultant specializing in revitalization planning through creative public art projects and programs with Economic & Community Development Departments of towns, villages and cities. In these hard financial times this work is more important than ever and I still accept consultancy inquiries. You can contact me by email at:

Friday, May 23, 2003

A funy thing happened on my way to hear Kerouac reading Kerouac -


The persistent memory, déjà vu, feelings of renewal all of a sudden
going off like an alarm clock, a broken alarm clock that
sometimes crows at 5 am, other times well after dawn;
and that sun, moving my way, incrementally encouraging,
making pronouncements of the new, then gone,
late to the party, unrepresented, but there, somewhere, all the same.
Not like the fall, when the hide and seek is much more ominous,
the days visibly diminishing before your eyes;
No, not like fall, not at all…like that
remorseful feeling, restlessly sad, motivated to nothing
and nowhere, not knowing what to do with yourself,
no promise, full of the blues turning to grey.


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