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In its short-sightedness, blogger has turned its back on those of us stuck with old operating systems and I'm forced to find a new blog host. You will now find MickMathersARTblog at - use the direct link found in the masthead and remember to update your bookmarks. This place will continue as another archive for a large body of my work. As many of you know, my primary medium and working method is digital collage composed of manipulated photographs often combined with digital drawing & generative images. Netlabels, bands and musicians can view samples of my CD Cover Art at Mick Mather Illustration located on Tumblr. In another life I was an Arts & Culture consultant specializing in revitalization planning through creative public art projects and programs with Economic & Community Development Departments of towns, villages and cities. In these hard financial times this work is more important than ever and I still accept consultancy inquiries. You can contact me by email at:

Saturday, March 05, 2005

WELCOME to "NO MATTER WHAT SHAPE - THE ARCHIVE". Picassa 2 has self-destructed, AGAIN! So, I've reduced this weblog to an 'archive' where anyone with an interest can work their way back to see what went before. Some of this work may - immediately or eventually - be reposted at my current home at "Mick Mather's ARTblog". Use the link in the sidebar at your left, click here or cut and paste this URL into your browser window:

Friday, March 04, 2005

"Basic Series - A Square Peg and a Round Hole" - When I first started doing monotypes a few years ago, two basic forms began to repeat over and over - a square and a circle. Last year I began doing an altered book using these shapes to find a subject and a concept: a square peg and a round hole. The pages of the book (an old GW-BASIC 3.22 USERS GUIDE) quickly became warped and wrinkled so I stopped after doing the 20 pieces represented in this thumbnail. I love the way the tempera works with that paper though and I'm certain the series won't stop here. I'll begin posting some of these now and then. Posted by Hello

"Basic Series 002 - A Square Peg and a Round Hole" Posted by Hello

"Basic Series 001 - A Square Peg and a Round Hole" Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005

"Midnight in a Camden Field" - Too much of the fine detail is lost in this one. When my old computer crashed last year a lot of my documentation files went with it as I'd not backed everything up as I had thought. I was able to find this posted at another web site and captured it again for my records. This block-relief print was actually editioned on blue paper in black ink- giving it a very cold, wintery feeling. Much colder than this portrays I'm sad to say. Posted by Hello

"Sunday Morning in the Park" - I can't seem to stop doing images in the Crop Circles Series and here's another to prove my point. For an explanation and to see other pieces in this series surf back...or, go directly to the post for Wednesday, February 16th, 2005. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"Gum Wrapper" - I tried to buy this small, oil-on-board, painting today from Duane Keiser. He has come up with one clever idea for selling artwork over the internet that is meeting with some amazing success. Of course, the fact that his work is so good does have a lot to do with it. To find out what I'm talking about click here and have a look at his blog, A Painting A Day. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Folding Chair" - Yeah, grab one, open it, plunk yourself down and have a short read about why I blog. Posted by Hello

Quite a bit of good fortune has befallen me ever since finding Ivan Pope's blog, 'Absent Without Leave'. From there I found Karen D'Amico and 'Fluid Thinking'. From there I found Bill Ives and 'Portals and KM' - all of which I now read daily. Anyway, today I ended up at for a little while where Michael Schaefer is collecting essays on "Why I Blog". You know that my own mind never stopped turning that one over until my piece was written. Before I deepblog it, I'll post it here:

Why I blog -
This is, I suppose, one of those self-searching questions that is spreading like wildfire across all of blogdom. I'm an avid reader and researcher as well as a tester of formulae and artistic method. I've always been interested in learning where others have been and where they ended up - or hope to end up through their own pursuits of creativity, initiative and discovery. Even so, much of the old method of study dealt with the historical record of things where one quite likely already knew that your position was, most of the time, behind the curve - even though perfectly free to exercise the belief that "everything old is new again". My researches and reading are online these days, including the daily wade thru a number of terrific blogs. If there's any difference in my flight of discovery it's that much of what I learn is happening right now, today, sometimes within this very hour! So, I blog to add my two-cents. That addition leads me to more thinking about art, more blog reading, more discovery, more food for thought and more current information with which to afford myself an opportunity for trend-spotting. Over the short and long term many of the 'found trends' may be as fleeting as always, but for the most part, one is actually able to see the show - as opposed to reading about the history of it years after the fact.